Bowie & Dick Test Packs

  • Clean Decontaminate
  • Prep Pack
  • Sterilize
  • Store
  • Issue/Use

National and International Standards demand that vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers must be tested at the
beginning of each working day. “Bowie & Dick Test Pack” concept allows you to fulfill this requirement with
minimum effort and with the highest level of quality.

Test Pack designed for vacuum-assisted sterilizers to test the efficiency of the vacuum system, to remove air from
the sterilizer chamber and to detect leaks in the system that would allow air into the chamber. A uniform change
of the indicator sheet indicates that all the air was removed and replaced by steam.

Performed after a warm-up cycle at the beginning of every day, the Bowie-Dick Test verifies the sterilizer
effectively removes air.

• It is easy to use and cost effective.
• Water-based and non-toxic chemical indicator is used.
• Indicator pattern is easy to read and interpret.
• Designed to give equivalent results to those obtainable by the Bowie&Dick protocol.
• The backside of the indicator sheet contains fields to be filled out and it can be kept as a permanent record for 
  traceability purposes.
• Compatible with ISO 11140-4 (Type 2 + 4) (Class 2 + 4).
• Different designs are made for the company/person on request.

Ref# Description Packaging
BD-200 Bowie&Dick Test Pack (200 Sheets) 80 pcs / Carton
BD-200W Bowie&Dick Test Pack Wrapping (200 Sheets) 100 psc / Carton
BD-400 Bowie&Dick Test Pack (400 Sheets) 48 psc / Carton
BD-400W Bowie&Dick Test Pack Wrapping (400 Sheets) 52 psc / Carton