Class 4 Dual Strips

  • Clean Decontaminate
  • Prep Pack
  • Sterilize
  • Store
  • Issue/Use

Class 4 Dual Strips monitors critical parameters to ensure proper sterilization has accrued during the steam
sterilization process. The Dual Strips designed for use in all steam sterilizers. Long stripe of chemical indicator ink
printed on perforated-style strip allows full- or half-length use for different pack sizes. For rigid sterilization loads
there should be at least 2 test strips diagonally opposite in each corner to ensure that the cycle has reached all
areas of the machine.

- Water-based and non-toxic chemical indicator
- Compatible with ISO 11140-1
- Class 4 Dual Strips are cost effective and can be divided into two separate pieces for economical use
- Self-Adhesive versions are available on request
- It is easy to read and interpret
- Self-Adhesive versions can be used as a permanent record for traceability purposes

Ref# Description Packaging
C-1040 Class 4 Steam Dual Strip (250 x 2) 60 psc /Carton
C-1040-SA Class 4 Steam Self Adhesive Dual Strip (250 x 2) 50 psc / Carton