Container Labels

  • Clean Decontaminate
  • Prep Pack
  • Sterilize
  • Store
  • Issue/Use

Container labels are designed to be used in the pocket of the containers. Container Labels are offered as a selfadhesive
and as a non-self-adhesive label. Self-adhesive labels are a very suitable alternative to the often-used
steam tapes. Indicators by which one can differentiate sterilized and non-sterilized containers.

· Water-based and non-toxic chemical indicator.

· It is easy to read and interpret

· Compatible with ISO 11140-1

· Different designs are available

· Non-Self-Adhesive versions are available on request

· Self-Adhesive versions can be used as a permanent record for traceability purposes

Ref# Description Packaging
C-1075 Sterilization Container Label with Steam Indicator (Pack of 100) 50 pcs / Carton
C-1076 Sterilization Container Label with Steam Indicator Small (Pack of 100) 35 pcs / Carton