Individual Bowie&Dick Test

  • Clean Decontaminate
  • Prep Pack
  • Sterilize
  • Store
  • Issue/Use

Individual Bowie-Dick Test Sheets are designed for use in the towel-pack version of Bowie & Dick test. The high
sensitivity ink of the product and easy interpretation of color changes guarantee the earliest possible warning of
impending problems in pre-vacuum sterilizers. A Bowie-Dick Test Sheet should be placed within a stack of
surgical towels that are assembled according to AAMI guidelines.

· Individual Bowie-Dick tests make testing steam penetration and air removal, as well as detecting air leaks, more convenient and cost effective

· Water-based and non-toxic chemical indicator

· Indicator pattern is easy to read and interpret

· The indicator sheet contains fields to be filled out and it can be kept as a permanent record for traceability purposes

· Compatible with ISO 11140-4 (Class 2 + 4)

· Different designs are available on request

Ref# Description Packaging
BD-10 Bowie & Dic Test Big Size Test Sheet (pack of 100)