TYPE 5 (Class 5) Extender

  • Clean Decontaminate
  • Prep Pack
  • Sterilize
  • Store
  • Issue/Use

Type 5 Steam Integrator with Extender can be used inside each load to monitor time, temperature and steam exposure conditions and can provide the necessary sterilization assurance. The Extender consists of two parts; Type 5 Steam Integrator and Type 5 Integrator. Type 5 Steam Integrator consists of a paper wick and steam and temperature-sensitive chemical pellet contained in a foil laminate. The chemical pellet melts and migrates as a dark color along with the paper wick. The migration is visible through a window marked as REJECT or ACCEPT.  Type 5 Integrator consists of indicator ink which color changes after the steam sterilization process.
Double control is provided for sterilization safety.
TYPE 5 Sterilization Integrator with Extender  Extender can provide enhanced confidence about the success of the sterilization process due to the double check feature. 

• Water-based and non-toxic chemical indicator is used.
• Moving front style has (Accept/Reject) readout for instant results without interpretation.
• Safe, non-toxic chemicals is used. No risk for contamination or transfer of sterile items.
• Compatible with ISO 11140-1.
• Different designs are made for the company/person on request.

Ref# Description Packaging
C-1604 Type 5 Extender Integrator (Pack of 100) 10.000 Pcs. / CARTON
C-1604 Type 5 Extender Integrator (Pack of 250) 10.000 Pcs. / CARTON
C-1604 Type 5 Extender Integrator (Pack of 500) 10.000 Pcs. / CARTON